Inventor of Modified Venturi Nozzle Technology

With an innovative heritage of engineering excellence that spans over four decades, STEAMGARD® is the leader in optimizing the performance of steam systems worldwide. The company’s groundbreaking technology- THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM®-  is a proprietary technology which uses a custom modified Venturi Nozzle and knowledge of two-phase flow physics for the effective removal of condensate from steam systems. We are proud to offer the Permanent, Engineered-Solution to traditional steam traps. 


THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® is utilized in array of applications ranging from world-renowned industrial facilities to hospitals, hotels, colleges & universities, government facilities, manufacturing & pharmaceutical plants, power generation facilities, and various other institutions around the globe. Its benefits — reduced energy consumption, lower operational costs, improved productivity, enhanced safety and decades of virtually maintenance-free operation —  are especially attractive to organizations pursuing Green Initiatives and seeking long-term economic gains.

STEAMGARD®(SG) is the only company with the knowledge and experience to eliminate thermal deficiencies with the modified venturi nozzle condensate removal devices (specialized ‘steam traps’). STEAMGARD® dba Engineering Resources, Inc is the inventor and the pioneer of the modified venturi nozzle technology– all of our award-winning products and services were developed & perfected in-house. Imitators lack the proprietary engineering knowledge and critical expertise to manufacture and apply the technology correctly.


Quality Built-In

We are committed to delivering extremely low maintenance products to our customers, while also doing our share in minimizing the emissions that are harmful to the environment. Satisfying our extremely diverse clientele with the highest level of customer & quality services is a primary goal and fundamental element of our business mission.

STEAMGARD® (SG) products are made in the United States of America.

STEAMGARD, LLC holds International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 certification.

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