World Headquarters
730 Forest Edge Drive
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

+1.800.258.6771 toll free
+1.847.913.8400 local
+1-847-913-8488 Fax

Looking for more information about THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM®? Our expert engineers can answer all those questions, and many more, during one of our Teach ‘N’ Treat technical presentations. What’s more, we’ll even buy lunch.

Our Global Representatives and expert Engineering Department are always pleased to answer questions about your steam system. If you’re having steam issues, want to speak with a Sales Representative, or just curious about how our technology works, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to be of immediate assistance.

Escalating energy costsMechanical Trap Maintenance CostsThermal inefficiencies
Excessive steam lossDown time due to failuresRepair kit inventories costs

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