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Wondering how THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM®, with no moving parts, really works? Like to learn more about two-phase flow technology? Interested in the reliability of continuous flow condensate removal devices? Looking for a permanent alternative to dealing with the traditional problems associated with mechanical steam traps, such as random and repeated failures, wasted steam and excessive (and expensive) energy consumption?

Our expert engineers can answer all those questions – and many more – during one of our Teach ‘N’ Treat technical presentations. What’s more, we’ll even buy lunch. Just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to review dates and details. (Please allow at least two weeks for scheduling).

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Steam Traps

(Process equipment includes steam heat exchangers, kettles, tank coils, process dryer coils, etc.)

Boilers and Steam Demand

Steam Pressure

(Specify – i.e., HVAC, Process, Etc.)

Fuel Used

Condensate Return

(i.e., Uses vented atmospheric receivers or pressurized receivers?)

Steam System Issues

Increasing Steam Demand Per Unit ProductionSlow Warm Up Time of Process EquipmentWater Hammer in the SystemHigh Steam Venting From the Condensate Receiver TanksDA Tank ProblemsOther

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