Steamgard Installation Leads to Energy Star Win

Steamgard Installation Leads to Energy Star Win

The Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center, a two million square foot, 427-bed facility, offers primary, secondary, and tertiary health care. Its full range of health care services includes comprehensive outpatient care, complex inpatient services such as heart, liver and lung transplantation, and care of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. McGuire VAMC was the first VA hospital to perform heart transplants in the VA system, and its Geriatric and Diabetes programs are considered Centers of Excellence by the Department of Veterans Affairs for their innovations in clinical care, teaching and research.

The Center was honored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) for its achievements in energy efficiency thanks, in part, to its utilization of the Steamgard system. The Center converted all its mechanical steam traps to the Steamgard system, and according to the Center’s Engineering Service,

“the use of the Steamgard system was a key ingredient in the hospital winning an energy award (The Energy Star) from the Federal Government. Since the installation of the System, the hospital has enjoyed freedom from the maintenance requirements of mechanically operated steam traps, significant energy savings, and consistently good year-to-year performance from the installed system.”

A growing number of VA facilities throughout the United States have been installing the Steamgard system over the past eight years. The Center is in the top 25 percent in energy performance among all hospitals in the United States. Medical facilities are one of the most energy intensive building types, using energy at twice the rate of office space and three times the rate of schools.

The Steamgard System Eliminates Dangerous Water Hammer Conditions at Rocky Flats Technology Site

The Steamgard System Eliminates Dangerous Water Hammer Conditions at Rocky Flats Technology Site

Recently declassified documents relating to a series of water hammer problems that occurred in the 1990s, and which resulted in injuries and death in some federal facilities, show that Steamgard technology was a key component in resolving the potentially hazardous situation.

The report states, “They also determined the direct and root cause of these events was an equipment/material problem (defective or failed part) because valves and steam traps were not operating as designed.” The engineers reviewed the steam trap design and decided to replace the existing ‘bucket’ style steam traps with newer, more effective ‘orifice’ traps. The new trap is designed to drain condensate continuously and completely. These traps have no internal moving parts, which will greatly reduce trap maintenance. The new traps were installed with a special 40-mesh stainless steel strainer insert to trap any particles or contaminants before they reach the drain nozzle.
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“It sounded too good to be true–but six months after installation, I’ve spent nothing for maintenance. Nothing.”

Chief Engineer, Commercial Laundry
Steamgard Recognized for Energy Saving Achivements

Steamgard Recognized for Energy Saving Achivements

Installation of the Steamgard system resulted in the elimination of more than 1,100 mechanical steam traps; the University decreased its total steam load by 5.5 percent, which helped generate a project payback of less than 36 months.

In recognition of its energy saving achievements, the University was:

  • Honored by the Association of Energy Engineers with the Corporate Energy Management of the Year Award & Energy Manager of the Year Award for 2001
  • Featured in United States Department of Energy 2004 Building Codes Work Shop for new innovative energy savings technology project tour

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