The Steamgard System Eliminates Dangerous Water Hammer Conditions at Rocky Flats Technology Site

The Steamgard System Eliminates Dangerous Water Hammer Conditions at Rocky Flats Technology Site

Recently declassified documents relating to a series of water hammer problems that occurred in the 1990s, and which resulted in injuries and death in some federal facilities, show that Steamgard technology was a key component in resolving the potentially hazardous situation.

The report states, “They also determined the direct and root cause of these events was an equipment/material problem (defective or failed part) because valves and steam traps were not operating as designed.” The engineers reviewed the steam trap design and decided to replace the existing ‘bucket’ style steam traps with newer, more effective ‘orifice’ traps. The new trap is designed to drain condensate continuously and completely. These traps have no internal moving parts, which will greatly reduce trap maintenance. The new traps were installed with a special 40-mesh stainless steel strainer insert to trap any particles or contaminants before they reach the drain nozzle.


“The Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) is an environmental cleanup site located about 15 miles northwest of downtown Denver. Rocky Flats is designated by the U. S. Environmental Agency (EPA) as a Superfund cleanup site and was once considered by the Department of Energy (DOE) as one of America’s most dangerous facilities.”

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